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Is saliva collector really more convenient than blood test

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Is saliva collector really more convenient than blood test
Is saliva collector really more convenient than blood test
Is saliva collector really more convenient than blood test
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Edit time : 2021-03-18
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Many people don't know what this saliva collector is. In fact, saliva collector is much simpler than many sampling methods. So what is the advantage of saliva collector?

The constitution of saliva collector:

The salivary collector is composed of funnel cover, funnel, collecting tube and small cover of collecting tube. The sample tube contains a retention liquid which can be mixed with saliva for a long time at room temperature and the DNA of the sample collected by saliva will not be destroyed. Collect about 2 ml of saliva. After collecting, cover the back cover, shake it fully, mix saliva and storage solution.

The advantages of saliva collector: saliva contains abundant DNA, which is the high quality source of sample collection. Saliva sample collection is a method to obtain DNA which is harmless and painless to human body. Because the method will not make the subjects uncomfortable and easy to accept, it can expand the sampling range of gene research, especially for large-scale population survey of molecular epidemiology. The DNA of saliva samples can be preserved for many years at room temperature, which is environmentally friendly and easy to carry.

Saliva collector can obtain clean and sanitary saliva samples and can be used for analysis. Saliva samples collected by this method do not need to be frozen.

Saliva collector: used for cortisol detection, gene detection, etc. Salivary examination plays an important role in diagnosis, treatment and large amount of situation control. Main user groups: Department of endocrine, Stomatology, infection, psychoanalysis, and can also be used in drug quarantine and animal husbandry.

Advantages of salivary collector:

(1) Simpler: not tolerating the pain of blood collection, just spit gently to get the sample.

(2) More convenient: stable sample, room temperature preservation, storage time up to several years, convenient transportation

(3) Higher efficiency: easy to purify automatically, and more DNA with better quality can be obtained

(4) Safer: noninvasive sampling, reduced infection opportunities.