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What's the use of a saliva collector?

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What's the use of a saliva collector?
What's the use of a saliva collector?
What's the use of a saliva collector?
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Edit time : 2021-03-18
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Saliva collector can be used to collect saliva samples secreted by oral cavity. The collected saliva and saliva preservation solution are evenly mixed to ensure the integrity of DNA in saliva samples and long-term preservation at room temperature. Samples were extracted and used for clinical in vitro diagnosis.

Saliva sample collection is a relatively acceptable sampling method, which has become a popular method to obtain DNA / RNA samples without harming human body and painlessly. Because this method will not bring any inconvenience to the sampled.

The sampling method of saliva collector is as follows

① Before collecting DNA samples and within 30 minutes before collecting saliva DNA samples, do not chew food, drink tea, wine, smoke, gum, etc. Do not remove the plastic film from the funnel cover, relax your cheek before spitting, and gently rub it for 30 seconds to produce saliva. In promoting cell oral mucosa shedding, spitting, saliva DNA sampling tube;

Second, pay attention to the saliva collecting mouth of the salivary collector, gently spit the saliva of oral secretion, try not to produce too much foam when collecting saliva;

The interface between saliva and upper foam reaches the scale line shown in 2ml.

④ Fix the sampling tube with preservation solution on the oval sampling port evenly, and make a slight click sound when fixing. At the same time, if the preservation solution flows into the sampling tube evenly, it means that the cover is closed. Otherwise, gently open the cover of the sampling tube, pour the preserved liquid into the DNA saliva collector evenly, turn it upside down, shake it well, and make sure that the liquid reaches the 4ml scale line.