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Precautions for use of medical applicator

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Precautions for use of medical applicator
Precautions for use of medical applicator
Precautions for use of medical applicator
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Edit time : 2021-03-18
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Many people think that the applicator is more convenient and fast to use, but there are also matters needing attention in the process of using the applicator, so what are the matters needing attention of the applicator?

Precautions for CHG applicator:

First of all, infants within two months or premature infants should be used with caution. Because this product may irritate and burn the baby's skin.

Secondly, this product is disposable and can be discarded after use.

After that, because it does not contain silica gel, it is an outdoor product, so it should be used in a well ventilated place.

Finally, it cannot be used for lumbar puncture and meningeal surgery. It cannot be used for routine cleaning of open wounds and skin. It can not be used in patients allergic to CHG and IPA. Not for eyes, ears and cavities.

Use of applicator:

1. Open the packing bag, remove the daub stick, remove the collar and disinfectant, and insert the daub sponge head into the packing bag.

2. Pull the collar of the applicator handle so that it does not touch the sponge sheet, and press the upper part of the handle to release the disinfectant onto the sponge sheet

3. Apply disinfectant to the area to be treated, and gently rub back and forth, and the skin will become moist.