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What is the use of disposable sampling swabs

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What is the use of disposable sampling swabs
What is the use of disposable sampling swabs
What is the use of disposable sampling swabs
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Edit time : 2021-03-18
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Use of disposable swabs:

Disposable swabs are suitable for collecting microorganisms, which may help to detect viruses in hospitals and laboratories, or consider the use of virus sampling. The human body may be to collect biological samples from the natural lumen of animals, such as throat, nasal cavity, mouth, vagina and other parts for examination.

It can also be used for the disease examination of human mouth and nasal cavity. The samples of oral epidermal cells and nasal virus were collected by swabs, and the cells and samples were stored in the collecting tube and transferred to the laboratory for examination.

Operation case of pharyngeal swab:

1. Tear the sealing paper of the disposable sampling swab packaging bag, and take out the disposable sampling swab from the bag.

Note: do not touch anything outside the throat for a sampling swab to avoid contamination.

2. Take a disposable sampling swab into the throat, quickly wipe both sides of the palatal arch, throat

3. After collection, please take out the throat swab from the mouth and put it into the sampling tube. Break the handle of the disposable sampling swab in the place with crease, close the cover of the sampling tube, and then save it after tightening.

Note: too many rolling times can lead to dilution and loss of the sample. After sampling, prevent the swab from contacting other objects at one time.